What we can do

We can do everything… well, almost everything.

We can conduct all kinds of qualitative and quantitative research:

  • face-to-face interviews and hall-tests
  • face-to-face interviews in the street
  • recruiting of respondents and “snowball” type of surveys
  • phone interviews
  • online interviews
  • traffic monitoring
  • audit of retail outlets
  • “Mystery shopper”
  • expert interviews
  • home-tests
  • in-depth interviews
  • focus-groups

What we have:

  • a focus-room with the possibility of organizing simultaneous translation and online streaming for focus-groups or interviews


  • a special room for conducting test, hall-tests, and interviews.

Our equipment allows to prepare testing products, to test products online, and to stream the process.

  • tablets for more comfortable interviews

We work with different equipment our customers provide, including Eye Tracking devices.
We have our own moderators for conducting focus-groups, expert and in-depth interviews.

We have an experience in conducting surveys

  • on stadiums before sports competition (1000 interview within 2 hours)
  • at the exhibitions (about 1500 interviews within 15 hours at the Real Estate fair)
  • exit-polls (300 polling stations, 59000 interviews)
  • in the commuter trains
  • in the airports, railway stations, bus stations, river and sea ports

We also are able to imply method of modeling purchase behavior in the shop. This comparison helps to reveal concurrence of packages up to mixing different packages.

We are able to conduct surveys in St. Petersburg, Leningrad oblast, Pskov oblast, Novgorod oblast, Murmansk oblast and Republic of Karelia on our own. We have partners in other regions of Russia. They help us to carry out research under our control.

We have our own technologies to control the quality of the information we gather. Moreover, we maintain the database of all people who participate in our research. This helps to control the quality of respondents recruitment.

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