“Meatballs and Mashed Potatoes”: within six months daily food rations of an average St. Petersburg citizen became 20.9% more expensive

Since the beginning of the year the price of  an average daily ration has increased by 8%. On March 15, 2021 within the framework of the project “Meatballs and Potatoes” participants of the network of regional research companies “Pollsters.rf” conducted a price monitoring in 38 regions of Russia.

Let us remind you that this project is conducted to fix retail prices for 30 types of products every quarter. The cheapest products in the minimal packings are chosen (without counting by kilo). The composition of the basket is the same every time. These are the ingredients for a presumable daily ration. 

The ration includes the following:

  • breakfast (porridge with milk, apple, bread and butter and cheese, coffee with milk, and a half of an orange)
  • breakfast (porridge with milk, apple, bread and butter and cheese, coffee with milk, and a half of an orange)

All together there are 31 products.

Findings of the study conducted in five shops (well-known federal and local networks) of St. Petersburg the average price of a daily ration for one person is 317.27 RUB, which is 54.78 RUB more expensive than in September (262.49 RUB). 

The “meatball and mashed potatoes” share in the structure of the average nominal wage of the citizens of Novgorod is 10.5% (in September it was 11.3%). Proportion of diet to subsistence minimum is 76.5% (in September it was 63.2%).

In Moscow daily ration’s cost increased by 8.1% and now its value is 370.37 RUB. To purchase the whole package of necessary products costs 2,222.76 RUB.

The most expensive ration traditionally is in Yakutsk. There the daily ration costs 504.13 RUB per person. The cheapest one is in Ulyanovsk. The daily ration here costs 279.75 RUB. The next one is Syktyvkar. Product package here costs 281 RUB, Syktyvkar is followed by Omsk, where the same product package costs 293 RUB. Omsk is often considered one of the cities with the lowest prices.

The next monitoring wave is expected in June 2021.

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