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The third ASCONCO festival

The third ASCONCO festival of cases has already ended.

We are grateful to everyone who came. We hope you were able to enjoy your time on the conference as well as benefit professionally.

And a special thank you to our speakers, the winners of ASCONCO competition, and to our colleagues, members of association.

Stay tuned for more updates on social media. Soon we will share a report about the Festival of Cases 2020.

We also remind you that you already can apply for participation in the Competition of Consulting Cases 2020.

  • to participate in competition please contact Ms. Irina Vlasova, ASCONCO press secretary by phone +7 (926) 428-04-92 ot email press@asconco.ru
  • The next ASCONCO conference will take place in St. Petersburg in September 2020. We will inform you about the conference theme and date later.

See you at ASCONCO future events!

House to house inquiries perspective

We are constantly trying to improve our field work. The life is changing, so do the ways of effective communication with respondents. Nowadays it is hard to imagine that some time before people actually used mail to get feedback from respondents. Some methods become old and one of our aims is to check the effectiveness of methods we use and change them if necessary. 

As a part of this process we conducted our research regarding the effectiveness of house to house inquiry. We would like to share the results with you.

Report. House to house inquiry 2019.pdf