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“Meatballs and Mashed Potatoes”: within six months daily food rations of an average St. Petersburg citizen became 20.9% more expensive

Since the beginning of the year the price of  an average daily ration has increased by 8%. On March 15, 2021 within the framework of the project “Meatballs and Potatoes” participants of the network of regional research companies “Pollsters.rf” conducted a price monitoring in 38 regions of Russia.

Let us remind you that this project is conducted to fix retail prices for 30 types of products every quarter. The cheapest products in the minimal packings are chosen (without counting by kilo). The composition of the basket is the same every time. These are the ingredients for a presumable daily ration. 

The ration includes the following:

  • breakfast (porridge with milk, apple, bread and butter and cheese, coffee with milk, and a half of an orange)
  • breakfast (porridge with milk, apple, bread and butter and cheese, coffee with milk, and a half of an orange)

All together there are 31 products.

Findings of the study conducted in five shops (well-known federal and local networks) of St. Petersburg the average price of a daily ration for one person is 317.27 RUB, which is 54.78 RUB more expensive than in September (262.49 RUB). 

The “meatball and mashed potatoes” share in the structure of the average nominal wage of the citizens of Novgorod is 10.5% (in September it was 11.3%). Proportion of diet to subsistence minimum is 76.5% (in September it was 63.2%).

In Moscow daily ration’s cost increased by 8.1% and now its value is 370.37 RUB. To purchase the whole package of necessary products costs 2,222.76 RUB.

The most expensive ration traditionally is in Yakutsk. There the daily ration costs 504.13 RUB per person. The cheapest one is in Ulyanovsk. The daily ration here costs 279.75 RUB. The next one is Syktyvkar. Product package here costs 281 RUB, Syktyvkar is followed by Omsk, where the same product package costs 293 RUB. Omsk is often considered one of the cities with the lowest prices.

The next monitoring wave is expected in June 2021.

Saint Petersburg Real Estate Fair 2021

Two years have already passed since we last had a chance to conduct a survey during a Real Estate Fair. Finally, we do this job again. We have to cope with some covid limitations, but this is not a problem if you really want to work.

Sometimes we receive inquiries from people who are planning to purchase real estate. There is no better place where to find a target audience than the Real Estate Fair. Trust us.

Results of the 2020

It is already March. Finally we had an opportunity to sum up last year’s statistics. 2020 was a strange year, it brought some disappointments. However, it felt better than 2015 after the economic crisis. The shares of quantitative and qualitative surveys have changed. Before 2020 two thirds of our projects were quantitative research, now two thirds of all the research are quantitative surveys. Covid limitations have significantly decreased the possibility to conduct outdoor polls.

We are very happy that all our clients are still working. We understand that they have faced some challenges. However, none of them have closed.

We have not lost any employees, have learnt to work online, conduct focus groups and take in-depth interviews. But as soon as we got a chance, we returned to the office with  great pleasure.

We are full  of optimism and new ideas for the future.

Team Building 2020

We regularly carry out team building events. Each year we visit new cities in our country. This year we chose Podporozhye. Finally, we got an opportunity to see the farthest part of Leningradskaya area. We often send our interviewers there to work.

We visited several authentic cultural places, such as the most beautiful and one of the oldest villages of Russia, it is called Kinerma and is situated in Karelia Republic.Then we moved to another village, Kindasovo, its history goes back to the XV century. The next destination was Kizhi. There we were able to enjoy amazing churches. And the last place was Petrozavodsk. This city is getting better and better.

The June Wave of “Meatballs and Mashed Potatoes”

During the June wave of price monitoring named “Meatballs and Mashed Potatoes” St. Petersburg took the 26th place out of 60. Within one month daily ratio of citizens became cheaper. The MArketing Agency ES held this monitoring in St. PEtersburg.

We recall that the price monitoring take place in the same day and the same time all over the regions that are participating in this project. In 9th of June monitoring was held in federal retail networks as well as in local retailer networks.

The results of the monitoring of six St. Petersburg shops (of famous federal retailer networks) showed that the average cost of daily ratio for one person is 283.08 RUB. This is the exact cost of the menu according to its recipe. 

The cheapest variation in the city may cost 243.24 RUB, and the most expensive one may cost 325.18 RUB. During the last month the cost of daily ratio in St. Petersburg decreased by 5 %. By the way, to afford this ratio citizens of St.Petersburg will now have to spend 11.9% of average nominal wages or 68.2% of living wage that is listed on the Federal Department of Statistics website.

The most expensive ratio of north-west is in Murmansk, its cost is 323.14 RUB (it is the third most expensive ratio in the country). The same daily ratio in Moscow costs 315.75 RUB. The cheapest ratio is in the capital of Crimea, in Simferopol. The average cost of products for daily ratio here is 258.47 RUB. The most expensive ratio is in Magadan. Here the same daily ratio may cost 484.01 RUB per person, it is almost 1.9 times more expensive than on the Black Sea coast. 

Undoubtedly, the cost of this ratio has a number of peculiarities. For example, it is hardly possible to buy 3 g of tea or exactly 240 g of chicken tenders. That is why we used another indicator —  the value of the ‘basket’, it is a minimum value of all the products in the smallest packages possible. An average purchase of one set of products in the smallest packages by lowest prices in St. Petersburg costs 1,937.66 RUB, and the most advantageous set may cost 1,659.51 RUB. 

It is planned to make the projects “Meatballs and Mashed Potatoes” a quarterly monitoring. The researchers are planning to expand the geography of the project, including the cooperation with research teams from other countries.

The author of the study —  Mezencev Fedor (Marketing Agency “Media-polus”, Veliky Novgorod). The All-Russian project was held with the help of POLLSTERS.RF. Menu developer —  “GoodFood” (Veliky Novgorod)

Federal Research Project “Meatballs and Mashed Potatoes”

“Marketing Agency ES”, in cooperation with Pollsters.rf (a non-profit association of regional research companies), conducted the May wave of a project “Meatballs and Mashed Potatoes”. 40 regions from Ulan Ude to Kaliningrad and from Murmansk to Sevastopol participated in the research. Altogether there are 42 cities, including 16 cities with more than a million citizens. 

“Meatballs and Mashed Potatoes” is a monitoring of retail prices for products that are included into every day daily ratio of an average Russian. The menu was developed by Good Food delivery service. They considered daily nutrient requirements.

Breakfast —  porridge with milk and apple, bread with butter and cheese, coffee with milk, and a half of an orange.
Lunch —  fresh vegetable salad, borsch, pork meatball with mashed potatoes, tea, bread.

Dinner —  Olivier salad, chicken with pasta, tea, bread.
31 ingredients are necessary to prepare these dishes.

May 12, 2020 the monitoring was held in a number of popular shopping malls in 42 cities. In Saint-Petersburg we checked six federal distribution networks (Lenta, Ashan, Magnit, Dixy, Verny, 5ka). We chose products with the lowest retail price and in smallest packages. We also did not take into consideration special offers, discounts, and loyalty cards bonuses. Prices were compared to a local living wage. 

The following are some of the findings that emerged from the study:

  • the cheapest “Meatballs and Mashed Potatoes” are in Omsk — 252.02 RUB
  • the most expensive daily ratio is in Irkutsk —  352.18 RUB
  • daily ratio in Saint-Petersburg costs around 298.08 RUB which is 71.8% of the local living wage (414.97 RUB) and 13.9% of an average daily wage (2145.18 RUB)
  • daily ratio in Moscow costs around 303.34 RUB.

To summarize we can say that daily ratio is cheaper in southern and central parts of the country, it is more expensive in northern part and Siberia. 

We would like to say thank you to the ideological leader Fedor Mesenzev (“Media Plus”, Veliky Novgorod), to our colleagues from Pollsters.rf, and also to all the research agencies who helped to gather information for helping us to conduct this research.

The third ASCONCO festival

The third ASCONCO festival of cases has already ended.

We are grateful to everyone who came. We hope you were able to enjoy your time on the conference as well as benefit professionally.

And a special thank you to our speakers, the winners of ASCONCO competition, and to our colleagues, members of association.

Stay tuned for more updates on social media. Soon we will share a report about the Festival of Cases 2020.

We also remind you that you already can apply for participation in the Competition of Consulting Cases 2020.

  • to participate in competition please contact Ms. Irina Vlasova, ASCONCO press secretary by phone +7 (926) 428-04-92 ot email press@asconco.ru
  • The next ASCONCO conference will take place in St. Petersburg in September 2020. We will inform you about the conference theme and date later.

See you at ASCONCO future events!